Bathroom Remodeling

Looking to improve your home’s interior look? Start with your bathrooms. Even if you’re not looking to sell, it’s nice to have a place where you can retire to for some peace. Besides increasing the value of your home, the bathroom can be a place to get creative and have some fun. And the more comfortable the bathroom, the better the experience!


S&C Masonry Work Corp & General Construction is the best value for your money. We’re the most reliable remodeling solution, and offer classic and contemporary redesigns, new construction, quality fixtures, custom built-ins and storage solutions. We’re ready to complete your bathroom renovation with spectacular results!

Why Should

I remodel my bathroom?

Increase Home Value

A minor bathroom remodel can give you a better return when selling your home. You can replacing the tub, tile, floor, toilet, sink, vanity, fixtures, and finish the project with a fresh coat of paint.

Save Money 

Replacing leaky faucets, adding aerators, and installing an on-demand water heater and a water-efficient toilet will save you big bucks on utility costs.

More Peace

With a freshly remodeled bathroom, you can unwind in more comfort. You can even choose colors and textures that will help you relax and soothe stress!

Reduce Clutter

Increase storage capacity with the smart designs available in today’s cabinetry.  You can finally find discreet storage space for your towels, cleaners, toiletries, and medicines.


Reclaim and repurpose an old porcelain sink, saving it from a landfill. Or you can buy new fixtures and materials from companies developing products that are energy-efficient, biodegradable, or recyclable.

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