Patio Pavers

Patio pavers combine excellent benefits into one application. A patio is an incredible expansion to your home because of its versatility. You can later use it for anything you want, like sitting, hosting outdoor gatherings, adding roofing later on, and more. 

Using outdoor pavers to build your patio is even better because of the diverse designs you can create with the different materials, textures, and patterns available. Not to mention, they are long-lasting.

You obtain many benefits from having patio pavers. To them, you can add superior quality, thanks to our services. S&C Masonry is the number one option among paver companies near Brentwood, NY. As home contractors that are licensed & insured. Contact us for your projects today!

Patio Pavers: Just What You Were Looking For!

The patio blocks used come in different varieties. You can build with classic concrete pavers or perhaps opt for a brick patio instead. Brick, concrete, stone, and clay are the most popular materials.

You have the option of playing with textures, shapes, and even different tones as you’d like. You can create a wide variety of patterns, even ones with intricate designs. When used for hardscaping, they can be an incredible addition to your exterior landscaping and your home in general, such as permeable pavers.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. Patio pavers have the proper design to withstand outdoor elements and weight. As you can see, pavers are excellent oprion for home improvement projects, just like working with S&C Masonry.

Let Us Assist You

As long as you have a professional paver installation service at your disposal, any ideas you have in mind for your patio are viable. S&C Masonry will deliver foolproof results through our detailed procedure. From laying pavers to sealing pavers, we can optimize your patio installation. Call (631) 355 – 2435 to get a free estimate today!

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