Stone Paving

If you thought outdoor pavers are already an excellent way to adorn your spaces, we are confident you’ll love stone paving even more. The beauty of natural materials is hard to replicate, which is what stone paving offers and we offer.

Not only the diverse looks and styles of stone pavers are stunning. And there are plenty to choose from! With professional stone paving installation at S&C Masonry Work, we create the most attractive designs that will become your new favorite exterior space. With natural stone pavers, we provide every application possible:

We assist you with everything listed above and more if you look for expert pavers near Brentwood, NY, and surrounding areas. As a licensed and insured general contractor, all of your interior and exterior remodeling needs are covered by us. Contact us today! 

Stone Paving: An Option You Won’t Regret!

Stone paving is the smart way to add home value and curb appeal. A stone pavement has a timeless appeal, and the quality of the product is equally as long-lasting as its charm. Like any other material, there can be the need for repair and maintenance along the way. Luckily this is extremely easy to do when it comes to stone paving.

Here in Brentwood, NY, homeowners can enjoy the nice weather in the summer months in a pleasant space outdoors built with stone paving. They resist seasonal changes better than other paving materials like concrete, making it an ideal choice and an excellent investment.

The natural stone itself is excellent. You can expect even better quality when paired with our stone paving services. At S&C Masonry Work, we accomplish superior results thanks to our tailored solutions. From installation to sealing pavers, our work is top-tier. Get an estimate at (631) 355-2435!

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